All The Right Details

May 12th, 2011

RG AUDIO 051211

Luke 11:37-44

Organized people keep life from chaos. The compulsive organizer, however, drives everyone else crazy. Their attention to every minute detail infringes on the joy of others and can spoil a moment both for them and others.

The legalism Jesus speaks of is like this. The Pharisees insist on every point of the law being kept. Yet, they neglected the important things of God, like love for their neighbors.

Legalists major on the minor and ignore the greater relational aspects of Christianity. We can regularly attend church, study God’s Word, give generously, and “talk the talk.” Still, if we harbor pride in ourselves and contempt for others who are not like us, we are as guilty as the Pharisees. In contrast to legalism, Jesus modeled for us the gentle persuasion of offering, not demanding, his love and salvation.


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