The Pursuit of Truth

May 13th, 2011

RG AUDIO 051311

Luke 11:45-54

Chad is a 15-year-old scholar of God’s Word. He puts me to shame sometimes. He is on fire for the Lord and already knows he is called to full-time Christian ministry. He attends a wonderful Christian school with kids from a wide range of denominations where each child is encouraged and accepted. A new Bible teacher caused confusion and controversy when he insisted that a student rewrite papers to agree with this teacher’s point of view, without regard for the student’s beliefs.

There are differences of opinion between denominations.

So what is the key to knowledge Jesus refers to in Luke 11? We must lead people to search the Scriptures and lean on the Holy Spirit for guidance. We must find the nonnegotiable tenants of our faith and stand firm on them. The areas that are denominational specific or culturally traditional are not to be used to put someone else down. How does the world view bickering Christians?


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