What Kind of Light?

May 11th, 2011

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Luke 11:29-36

A few years ago, Charles had cataract surgery. He did not know how hindered his sight had become until after his second eye was done. He saw colors in a rug he could not see before. In fact, he now has 20/20 vision for the first time in years, all because he had new lenses. The old clouded lenses are gone. He now sees clearly.

Our hearts are the eyes of our spiritual lives. Understanding the things of God depends on how much of the light of his truth we let in. Sin clouds the heart. If our hearts are dull or rebellious towards God, darkness creeps in. However, if our hearts seek God and his will, the light floods our soul and we are changed. We have a new lens through which to view life and God.

Jesus calls us to be people full of light, people who live so close to the Lord that we shine from inside. Our joy and peace is obvious to those around. We are a light to a darkened world. God give us a heart of light!


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