Show Us A Sign

May 10th, 2011

RG AUDIO 051011

Luke 11:14-28

A newborn baby. The perfect expression of joy! It would be ludicrous to ask God for a sign that he still speaks. He has spoken volumes in a precious new life.

After witnessing the freedom of a demon-possessed man, the crowd wanted Jesus to give them a sign from heaven. Huh? Jesus rejected their request because it came from wrong motives. The sign had already been given, and they rejected it because it didn’t fit their objectives.

They did not recognize the hand of God when they saw it, nor did they realize that evil had been overthrown before their very eyes. So many times we are looking for God to work when he already has or is working in our circumstances.

Our prayer should be that God would open our eyes to see his hand in our lives. We should thank our Father for being there for us with everyday miracles!


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