Who Is My Neighbor?

May 9th, 2011

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Luke 6:43-49

It was a Sunday when “rush” was the word from the time I opened my eyes until late that night. The children were slow getting ready for church, the service went longer than usual, and we had another important engagement at 1:30 PM. Then my neighbor Molly frantically rapped on my car window. She wants me to take her somewhere–she always does. Not today, we are already late. I shook my head and drove off. All day the Lord convicted me with the words, “Who is my neighbor?”

The answer is anyone who needs my help at any time. Not just when it is convenient or doesn’t alter my plans.

Darrell Bock in his commentary on Luke says, “It takes eyes and ears to be a neighbor, as well as a compassionate heart. The difference between the priest, Levite and the Samaritan is not what they see and hear, but what they do with what they see and hear. Neighbors are people with a heart that does more than pump blood. It sees feels and serves.”


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