Obedient Love

May 8th, 2011

RG AUDIO 050811

Luke 6:43-49

The story about the wise and foolish builders may be difficult for some to understand. When we think of sand, we think of the seashore. In the hot and dry summers of the Holy Land, river beds dry up and appear to be solid ground. When the rains come later in the year, those same areas become raging rivers. Any house constructed there will be washed away. Wise builders who know the dangers of the area look for a rock bed to build on.

Likewise, we stand in peril when we center our lives on uncertain lifestyles with shifting values. We try to work the system, being both of the world and the church. We call Jesus Lord, but pay little attention to what he calls us to be. We take the easy road when walking the Christian way. We fail to look ahead to the consequences of today’s actions.

“When we learn that the hard way is often the best way, and that the long view is always the right view, we will found our lives upon the teaching of Jesus and no storms will ever shake them.”


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