Never Grow Old

September 8th, 2010

Genesis 3:17-24

My Filipino friend was surprised to hear that I needed to work until age 66 to receive Social Security, when she had hers at age 60. We try to be healthy and look young for our age, but there is no fountain of youth. Even with societies and governments deciding when old age begins, our bodies still age.

In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve knew nothing about aging or death until they sinned. Although they were unable to resist temptation and blamed someone else for their bad decisions, God had compassion and did not send them immediately to a place of torment. Adam and Eve did not die physically when they sinned, but spiritual death did occur; and they lost their personal relationship with a living God. The Christian who has a personal relationship with God has the assurance of eternal life–the evidence of good overcoming evil and a place where we will never grow old.

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