Unending Grace

September 9th, 2010


Romans 5:12-21

When asked how the world had changed since she was a child, the 101-year-old woman shook her head slowly and declared, “There’s sin everywhere.” Second Timothy 3 describes humanity in the last days as “lovers of themselves.”

One only needs to study a newspaper, read a blog, or watch a news report to see the depth of sin in this world. There are those moments when we feel the crushing weight of our own sin and are filled with overwhelming guilt, humiliation, and hopelessness. We feel our sin is unforgiveable. However, there is nothing that can separate us from His grace; no breaking of a relationship that cannot be restored. When the enemy tells us there is no hope and our sin is too great, we cling to God’s promise: “For where sin increases, grace increases more.” Grace not only matches the depth of sin, but exceeds it.

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