Daddy, I’m Here

September 7th, 2010


Genesis 3:9-16

Six-year-old Kumie wanted to cook kaukau or sweet potatoes. He placed firewood in the metal drum and lit the twigs necessary to start the fire. Suddenly, a strong wind blew over the coals and sparks of the fire blew onto the grass wall. When Kumie’s father returned home and saw the damaged hut, he immediately called for his son. Afraid of the consequences if he answered his father, Kumie remained hidden in the bushes. His father continued to lovingly call for him. Kumie finally realized he wanted his father’s comfort and forgiveness, so he answered, “Daddy, I’m here.”

Our Heavenly Father desires that we become as a child in our relationship with Him. He wants to heal the broken relationship. He wants to comfort us. He calls for us, “Where are you?” We need only to answer, “Daddy, I’m here.”

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