Praising is Amazing!

August 17th, 2010


Just as the children’s chorus states, “It’s amazing what praising can do!” Our outlook is transformed, people around us respond differently when there is a brightness of spirit and thankfulness from both our lips and our hearts. Doctors tell us that thanksgiving affects the entire body and we also heal more rapidly from all kinds of illnesses. It should not be amazing that rejoicing and a positive outlook are related to “those whose walk blamelessly.” When we remember the 12 spies who sought out the “Promised Land,” only Joshua and Caleb followed the positive leading of God. Sadly, there ensued 40 years of wandering of God’s chosen people.

God, even today, wants to bless, giving favor and honor, with the indwelling of His precious Holy Spirit to all His children. But there is a requirement. He wants us in our walk to be blameless. May we be able to say, “I have obeyed the LORD my God”.

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