We Can’t Help It!

June 19th, 2010


Why don’t we talk more with others about what Christ has done in our lives? It’s simple: People might reject me or, I don’t know what to say.

Both are, in part, fear issues. Yet, Peter and John are known for their courage.

Still, there is another big reason. We are not excited enough about what Jesus has done for us personally.
His nickname was “Hobby.” He had been a part of a church for years and lived, by most standards, a good and decent life. Yet at age 60, he invited Christ into his heart in a personal way. For the first time, God was real. When he went shopping with John for light fixtures for their church, he took the salesman to the corner of the store before John finished paying. John asked him why he took him away. Hobby said, “Oh, I got a chance to tell him what God had done for our family.” Hobby simply overflowed. Or as Peter said, “We can’t help speaking about what we have seen and heard”.

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