Filed For Courage

June 20th, 2010


Due to the opponents’ threats, they prayed for disciple’s boldness. However, it would only happen with God’s power.

Peter and John had been filled with the Spirit on Pentecost. That filling meant cleaning. Now a fresh filling would mean courage.

E. Stanley Jones had known Christ for a year. Yet, ugliness arising from the basement of his soul caused him to seek God at deeper level. God challenged, “Will you give me your all?” When he said “I will,” he reports, “Suddenly I was filled with the Holy Spirit.” Soon as a missionary to India, he carried a monumental burden for 8 years. Kneeling in prayer, he heard the Lord: “If you’ll turn that problem over to me and not worry about it, I’ll take care of it.” Immediately, he was flooded with energy, peace, and power. Over 50 years of abundant living and ministry followed – The Spirit’s fresh filling for courage.

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