Because of Him, I Gave My Best

May 26th, 2010


Mary Scott was a missionary serving in China when the Japanese invaded the country and took her prisoner. Years later, she would recount her stories about how for many months, she was fed little, forced to work hard, humiliated, and ridiculed because of her faith, songs, and prayers. As she shared these stories, her voice would falter and tears would well up in her eyes as she told about feeling God’s marvelous presence, “While on my knees day after day, scrubbing the floors around urinals, my heart would be filled with gratitude and praise for the Christ that I was serving. And because of that, I gave my best to the task at hand with joy.”

There are some who think we are strange because of what we believe, but few of us have faced prison or death squads. However, there are many in other parts of the world who, like Mary Scott, are paying a dear price for their service to and worship of Christ. We should always include them in our prayers.

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