You Never Know Who Is Listening!

May 25th, 2010


People in Venezuela knew a lot about the church because the country had been flooded with radio and literature long before pioneer missionaries arrived. The radio program was called “La Hora Nazarena” and literature promoted the “Casa Nazarena de Publicaciones”. So when Bill and Juanita Porter arrived to plant churches, they found a receptive, anticipatory, and welcoming audience. Not only did they invite the Porters into their nation, but their homes became the centers for numerous new house churches that over the years developed into thriving, giving, compassionate, and evangelistic churches.

If one is able to look at Christ’s offer of salvation through lens that are unaffected by bias or prejudice, the view seen is inviting, comfortable, and–very soon–becomes redemptive. That’s the way it is when God prepares the way just ahead of our efforts to reflect His love and grace.

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