They Saw and Believed

May 27th, 2010


In a remote area of Papua New Guinea, a team made preparations to share a movie on the life of Jesus.

After several hours of travel over high mountain passes and through deep, luscious green valleys, they arrived. A huge sheet, serving as the screen, was strung between branches; the gas-powered generator was running, and the video projector was doing its thing. The crowd was large and sat on the ground, mesmerized. At the end, one of the team members, through an interpreter, explained Christ’s plan of salvation. For hours, questions and answers flowed without stopping. Although it seemed chaotic, the message of love, forgiveness, joy, and Christ’s sacrifice had been heard, understood, and received. Scores raised their hands as a witness that they had accepted Christ into their hearts.

Does the realization that Christ, who dwells in your heart, overwhelm and move you almost to the point of joyful tears? It will, once you think it through!

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