The Brand Of Ownership

May 13th, 2010


Wichita, Kansas is right in the middle of cattle country. Located between Wichita and Kansas City, Missouri are the beautiful Flint Hills. These gently rolling plains cover many miles and share numerous lessons.

Millions of cattle are brought here each year to feed and fatten up on the rich prairie grass. The cattle belong to many different ranchers, but they roam, freely mingled together, until it is time to move them to market. On one trip through that area, you might see cowboys rounding up their cattle. Obviously since they don’t own all of them, they had to identify them by their brands.

In Acts 15, we are told that the presence of the Holy Spirit within is our Father’s brand of ownership. The Gentiles were a different “breed,” but God owned them and wanted to be sure that His ownership was clearly evident. Do each of us wear God’s brand–the Holy Spirit? The good news is that we may do that by reflecting His image in our lives.

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One Response to “The Brand Of Ownership”

  1. Wayne LaForce Says:

    May 13th, 2010 at 9:44 am

    Excellent. A great tool made available to a larger audience more readily. You guys are terrific. One comment: in the last sentence, it seems to me, the action is “reflecting His image in our lives” and the result is the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit. Is this correct Wesleyan theology?

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