An Excellent Report

May 12th, 2010


In Acts 15, Paul and Barnabas are sharing stories of people coming to know and accept Jesus.  This reminds me of what happens when churches and pastors get together to share their victories. Pastors bring a report of how they have spent the previous 12 months. They share how people have come to know Jesus and joined the church. I have heard some wonderful reports of spiritual victory. When that happens, everyone rejoices with the pastor.

That is what is happening with Paul and Barnabas. The church leaders in Jerusalem were the governing body. On their way to the assembly for a meeting to work out some problems, Paul and Barnabas shared the good news of God’s grace that had been bestowed on the Gentiles in the churches in Phoenicia and Samaria. Those who received the report were blessed.

The news of someone’s salvation always brings great joy to those who are listening. It encourages them to keep sharing the story of Jesus. May we always have a story of victory to share.

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