Good News

May 11th, 2010


It is always good news to hear reports from someone who has been on special assignment to a mission field. At our church, it has always been great to have returning teams share what the Lord did on their journeys. That is what is happening in this scripture.

Paul and Barnabas didn’t erect buildings, but they did build lives. God had used them to elevate the lives of many everywhere they went. The joy of being God’s messengers offset all the perils of their journeys.

There is something very special about being used of God. A few years ago, a pastor was speaking from Romans 8 to a large congregation in Whitefield, India, when he experienced an unforgettable moment. Before he finished his message, the people began to stream to the altar. He didn’t need to keep preaching, and they only sang one verse of the invitation hymn. The people had heard the Good News and responded spontaneously.

When he and his wife returned home and shared with those who had sent them, they had an amazing time of rejoicing. Truly the senders were blessed almost as much as the sent.

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