The Divine Call

May 10th, 2010


When God chooses us to communicate His love, it means He has confidence we can handle whatever comes with the assignment.

When Barnabas and Paul were called into His service, they had no idea what they would face. However, they believed because the Church had commissioned them to carry out the call of God, the Church would support them with their prayers.

It was a compliment when God called Gene to preach. Little did he know that his mother had been praying God would overlook Gene’s weaknesses and use him in His work. The night the call came, Gene’s Mom was blessed beyond containment. It didn’t matter to her that the call would mean leaving home to never live closer than 600 miles. And like the church at Antioch, she continued to support him with her prayers and an occasional check. It is a good thing that what God calls us to do He enables us to do. Gene had just received an “F” in an English class. He couldn’t make a two-minute speech. The call meant he had to do much more than speak for two minutes. Gene called, Mom rejoiced, and God enabled.

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