No Third Option

May 9th, 2010


When the Lord commands, we can only obey or disobey. There is no third alternative, no middle ground. When my mother demanded yes-or-no answers, my kid brother often replied, “Yo.” With the Lord, “Yo” is not an option.

Obedience to the Lord assures His presence and fuels our success. Disobedience forfeits His presence and leads to our failure and regret. To disobey Jesus is a way of saying, “I don’t trust Your love and wisdom. My life will be better with me in charge.” Such arrogance and disrespect erode life’s most important relationship.

His vision should be our passion. Our dreams must yield to His vision. Our success must be measured by His will. Saul’s obedience was costly, but his life was well invested and highly rewarded. Wealth, power, and fame will prove disappointing to the disobedient.

Jesus is Lord; we are His servants. Efforts to reverse that relationship are not only fruitless, they are destructive. If, like Saul, our lives are fully committed to the Lord, we can say as did Saul, “I have had God’s help to this very day”.

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