Light In The Darkness

May 14th, 2010


There is something special about hearing a successful report. We can only imagine how excited Paul and Barnabas were. God had used them for His own purpose. There is no greater compliment we can ever receive than when God says, “I believe in you so much I am going to entrust some of those for whom I died into your care.”

On the other hand, to receive reports of victory encourages the listener to realize God is still at work in our world. We hear so much negative stuff that it is truly heartwarming to hear positive results.

While the Church is making some progress in America, it is growing much more rapidly where people are learning about Jesus for the first time. It’s like a light goes on in the midst of their darkness. They can hardly wait to walk into the brilliance of God’s love and forgiveness. Let’s determine to keep the light on at home so we may continue to illuminate the lives of those who have never heard of Jesus.

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