It’s In Our Hands

June 9th, 2024

John 17:20-26

The story is told of a little boy who caught a bird and thought he’d have some fun with a wise old man who was blind. The boy held the bird in his hands and asked the old man, “Mister, if you are so wise, tell me, is the bird in my hands dead or alive?” The wise old man thought to himself, “If I say the bird is alive, the boy will squeeze the bird to death. If I say the bird is dead, the boy will turn the bird loose.” So the wise old man replied, “Whether the bird is alive or dead is in your hands, my child. The choice is yours.”*

In John 17, Christ prays not just for those around Him, who hear Him in real time, but for those who will hear about Christ from His followers. What a responsibility! What an honor! Spreading Christ’s words, love, and grace—and it’s in our hands.

We may be tempted to ask ourselves, “Will the doctrine and experience of holiness continue to be our blessed message, mission, and lifestyle.” It’s in your hands! We are the messengers of Christ. He has prayed and continues to pray for us.

Author: Nina Gunter


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