Grace and Truth

May 24th, 2024

John 1:9-18

I just love how the 66 books of God’s Word are all connected, how the entirety of each and every thought points to Jesus Christ.

The Old Testament brought us the law. Jesus’ great-, great-, and then some, grandparents and their peers were watching history unfold. We saw some of history’s finest succeed . . . and fail. Yet through it all, the cross was on God’s agenda. He knew the intricate system of laws and sacrifices weren’t the final answer.

The New Testament ushers in the hope of Jesus Christ. The Word became flesh, loving on those around Him, regardless of who they were or where they came from. He spoke His Father’s truth. Love pinned Christ to a cross He didn’t deserve. Sin was defeated and the borrowed tomb was simply a rest stop for Christ’s earthly form.

God’s love was the basis for the early church. And, by grace, through faith, we can be a part of that story as well.

Author: Andrea Talley

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