Blessing of Love

May 4th, 2024

James 1:16-25

It has been said that the gospel can be boiled down into one word: love. We use the word love in so many contexts: “I love pizza; I love video games; I love my dog; I love my spouse; I love my children.” You get the picture. If we want to know how to live out the love that the gospel talks about, we have to spend time figuring out how Jesus loved (looking carefully into the perfect law; see v. 25) and then we emulate it (“Do what it says,” v. 22).

Pastor Cliff Purcell is quoted saying that, “Love is a demonstrated preference for the well-being of others, over and above myself, even at great personal expense, by the help of the Holy Spirit.” If you are struggling with knowing what exactly it means to live out the love of Jesus, this definition would be a fantastic place to start.

It is no wonder that those who bless others often find that they themselves are blessed in the process. Let us love freely and be blessed.

Author: Amy Scarlett


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