May 3rd, 2024

Galatians 3:11-22

There are so many wonderful hymns of the church that depict breaking the chains of sin. While we may never know what it’s like to be a prisoner to drugs, alcohol, or gambling, these are not the only vices that can tear lives apart. Envy, greed, lust, gluttony, adultery—these are no less powerful when it comes to destroying lives.

That image of broken chains that we sing and read about, it’s not just referring to the really bad sins. You see, in Jesus we are freed from every type of sin. So, whatever it is that we find ourselves struggling with, no matter where it falls on the severity scale, we are freed.

In Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit, we are freed from sin, all sin. As we love and live like Jesus, we are made more and more like Him and we grow in holiness. We are enabled to live this new righteous life because of our faith in Jesus. We are set free from sin.

Author: Amy Scarlett

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