Check List Holiness

April 29th, 2024

2 Corinthians 3:1-8

Are you a list maker? Do you add things to your list just to check them off? Each check mark brings the feeling of accomplishment.

The Corinthians knew about checking off lists. Paul reminded them that there was no list in existence that would lead to eternal life—not even the Ten Commandments or the many laws throughout the Old Testament. The Corinthians had a false sense of security. They lived as if daily checking off the list would somehow guarantee eternal life.

Some of us have heavily relied on spiritual lists. We have believed that holiness would be carried out in the checking. Over time, we have learned that checked lists do not make us holy, nor does following the letter of the law.

Paul reminds us that our lives will become a letter of Christ’s love. The new law, our standard for living, is love. The way we treat people—the immigrant, the young pregnant girl, the unhoused, the Democrat or Republican—should be a visible love letter.

Love—it always points to Jesus.

Author: Amy Scarlett

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