Pray For Each Other

April 28th, 2024

James 5:13-20

Are you in trouble? Pray. Are you happy? Sing praise songs. Are you sick? Be anointed with oil. Have you or others sinned? Forgive each other, confess your sins, and pray for each other. Need powerful and effective prayer? Find a righteous person. The church is a community that works together. We share our lives in prayer, praise, and deliverance.

There is a profound truth in the statement: “Elijah was a man just like us.” In sixth grade, I remember reading about Abraham for the first time. I found it difficult to understand how he could lie to Pharaoh and pretend that Sarah was his sister instead of his wife; lying was such a big sin for a sixth-grader!

How could Abraham be known as such a great man of faith? When I read James 5:17, I received the answer. We are all human. Those of us who found faith in Christ had to come in true repentance, forgiven by God by grace through Jesus our Savior. We have all sinned and needed forgiveness. This is why we can pray for each other.

Author: Christie American Horse


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