Silver Linings

March 14th, 2024

Romans 14:8-14     

I often try to find some rationale for the opposition’s actions, even if the prevailing opinion declares the actions to be not the smartest. They had a rough morning or perhaps they forgot their coffee.

While I believe firmly in taking responsibility for one’s actions and that “excuses” don’t always equate to “explanations,” I also believe there’s at least two sides to every story. I work for a woman who compares situations to puzzles. If something happens at work, there are pieces to the puzzle that she’s privy to as our boss that may not be common knowledge. She sees all the pieces and can understand why one party chose to act in the way that they did; sometimes, that makes all the difference.

God sees all the puzzle pieces. He sees what prompts one person to do one thing and why another person thinks the first person has lost their marbles. Rationales don’t defend wrong decisions, but they do help to avoid judgment and to give grace. Knowing there could be more to the story aids understanding and makes the bigger picture clearer.

Author: Andrea Talley

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