Lessons From Wrestling

March 9th, 2024

Romans 12:3-8 

Wrestling fans know a “Tag Team Match” is when two wrestlers team up to wrestle two other wrestlers. Only one wrestler is allowed in the ring at a time. When the non-participating wrestlers wish to get into the action, they tag the hand of their partners to switch places.

The church should be like a tag team match (without the body slams). When folks walk into the church, they tag our worship team and the preacher and say, “Go for it.” Meaning: Help lead us to a place of worship, praise, and connecting to God. When they walk out, they are tagged and told, “Go for it.” Meaning: Take the light of Christ, and the joy in your heart to a dying world.

The best wrestling tag teams trust each other. Church tag teams must have the same confidence. When entering church, we may have confidence that those leading in worship will be real, and prepared to lead us in worship. When tagged back, the worship team has confidence that the parishioners will be faithful, keep inviting others, and continue to live before their friends a Christlike life.

Considered yourself tagged.

Author: Rob Prince

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