Found Is The Plan

February 5th, 2024

Luke 15:1-10

Eyes wide, I looked at my mom; “I can’t find her.” We began searching frantically. My little sister had been playing, hiding under the racks of clothing at the store, and I, with half-hearted effort, had been “finding” her. Well, now she was really gone. The more we looked, the more my heart sped. We called out, “Natalie!” We asked others for help. We even got security involved. Turns out she was not hiding at all. She had wandered back to a fountain she liked in the middle of the mall. Emotions swept over us as Mom swept her up in her arms. Natalie had been found!

God never stops looking for us. He never ends the hunt or grows tired of the searching. He loves us like a mother loves her daughter; He will not give up. The tenacity of our God is great and almost irrational. Why would we leave 99 to find 1? Because “lost” was never part of God’s plan. “Found” always has been. That is why we rejoice when the foe becomes family and the lost are added to the lineage.

Author: Rachel Kuhn

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