Weighing The Cost

January 29th, 2024

Luke 14:25-35

Our oldest son has been dreaming of having a tree house for years. As we have gotten closer to actually being able to build his tree house, we have helped him better understand things like cost and feasibility. We have talked through making some changes to his plan so that the tree house can move from a dream to reality.

The people in Luke 14 did not understand the cost of following Jesus. Some had no idea who He was, and may have literally just been following the crowd to see what was going on. Others had heard of Jesus but were trying to understand more. None of them, however, understood the cost of being a disciple.

While there is a cost of following Christ, there is also so much to be gained. Following Christ comes with sacrifice and surrender; however, it also comes with the promise of eternal life. It comes with the acceptance of an overwhelming love, an ever-present Companion, and a mighty Defender.

Today, do not be afraid of the cost of following Jesus.

Author: Beth Heath

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