The Wonder Of It All

December 22nd, 2023

John 3:16-22

Have you ever wondered at those things that can bring both joy and frustration? Perhaps you have a hobby that while you enjoy doing it and appreciate the outcome, can also make you sigh in irritation when you run into a problem. Sometimes, those with whom we are closest are a source of both joy and displeasure. We love them, yet sometimes they make choices that hurt (themselves, us, and/or others).

We know John 3:16, just as we know the traditions that our family walks through every Christmas. We know the timings and the tastes and the scenes. We know the recipes and the moments that make us laugh or cry. We know the familiar and the wonder of Christmas all wrapped into one.

So it is with this proclamation of God’s deepest wound and God’s deepest love. In truth, we are both the cause of sorrow and the cause of joy. God loves us—every one of us—so much, that God willingly laid down His rights so that we all might know Him and be a part of the kingdom. What amazing news to wonder at again!

Author: Teanna Sunberg

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