Away In The Manger

December 18th, 2023

Luke 2:1-8

This Christmas, the birth of Jesus will be hailed with all forms of titles: Messiah, King of Kings, Prince of Peace, Emmanuel, Lord of Lords. Every title is significant, accurate, appropriate, and yet insufficient to describe God becoming human and journeying through birth to join us. God shows up like any other human—helpless, hungry, and humbly reliant on the mothering instincts of a teenaged mom and her husband. Imagine how ridiculous it sounds that the Creator of everything had no spot, no space, no bed, no room, no protection. Vulnerable God, wailing for milk and a diaper change, yet offering us eternity—what an unbelievable story!

In this season of surprises and joy, anticipation, and wonder, take a moment to revel in the fantastically simple announcement that comes from Nazareth via Galilee, spoken by angels and shepherds and mysterious strangers from far-away lands: “Today, a baby is born.”

Author: Teanna Sunberg

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