To Trust In Jesus

December 5th, 2023

Genesis 12:1-7

We move so easily these days. Imagine what it took for Abram to pack up his family, his possessions, and the life he had accumulated over 75 years. All the things that had to be moved!

God appeared to Abram, saying “Go.” The sacrifice must have been immense: his country, his people, and the wealth of his father’s household. There were no news updates on the political situation in the next culture, no “Google translate” for language help, no debit card for unexpected emergencies. Abram simply obeyed.

We get the sense that this obedience became a blessing to his descendants when Scripture says that the Lord appeared and promised the land to Abram’s offspring. Abram’s obedience touched not only his life, but that of his descendants: generations of people who could point back to Abram’s obedience.

As you practice obedience in every age of life, be mindful of how God has a habit of turning simple faith into generational blessings.

Author: Teanna Sunberg


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