Always Prepared

November 27th, 2023

Luke 1:1-10

It reminded Miranda of her wedding day. She and her husband were about to be ordained together as elders in the church, and it took everything in her not to break out in ugly, joy-filled tears. It was a holy, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Zechariah and the priests in his family line were only on temple duty in Jerusalem two weeks out of the year. During those two weeks, the ultimate honor fell to the priest selected to burn incense on the golden altar just outside the holy of holies. The chosen priest would likely never have that opportunity again.

Miranda and husband could count down the days until ordination, but Zechariah didn’t have an incense-burning date on his calendar. He had to be prepared for an experience he would never forget each time he was on duty in Jerusalem. We can only imagine how blessed he felt as the lot fell to his name that day. In that culminating moment of Zechariah’s priestly life, he would encounter even more than he bargained for: an angel with a life-changing message.

Author: Miranda Musick


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