Make An Eternal Difference

November 24th, 2023

John 4:6-14

It is just like Jesus to use an ordinary set of life circumstances to create a holy encounter. Jesus was tired and hungry when He stumbled upon a human need. He tossed prejudice aside and used His present circumstances to make an eternal difference.

Often ministry occurs in the context of adversity. Who can’t relate to being tired and hungry? Jesus plunged right into ministry completely aware that prejudice is wearisome and hurting people are inconvenient. Rest is a biblical priority, a commandment, and certainly a human need. But sometimes ministry takes precedence when circumstances are challenging. Jesus is demonstrating the value of meeting human needs and rescuing lost souls, despite the circumstances.

We face similar opportunities often. They show up in unlikely places and perhaps when we are tired, hungry, and sick of the world’s problems. God works through ordinary circumstances to create opportunities for His disciples.

Author: Mark E. Lail


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