Rejoice In God’s Salvation

November 12th, 2023

Psalm 118:15-24

What powerful, descriptive language the psalmist uses in Psalm 118! I encourage you to read it out loud and slowly. As you do, make the story and praises your own; consider the reality of the psalmist’s description in your own life. What are some of the mighty things the Lord has done for you? When has He chastened you? For what will you give thanks?

The Lord has done mighty things in my life, in the lives of my loved ones, in churches of which I’ve been a part as congregant or pastor, in history as recorded in scripture, and no doubt in your life, too. Psalm 118 is a celebration of God’s faithfulness, goodness, and love. It calls us to remember, proclaim, and rejoice.

Earlier in the week we talked about some facets of grace (pursuing, saving, transforming). Verse 21 says, “I will give you thanks, for you answered me; you have become my salvation.” For what answers will you thank God today? In what ways has God become your salvation? Yesterday we talked about our mark and message. In what ways are you a new creation? That, too, is worth naming and celebrating.

Author: Evan T. Offutt Boesiger

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