Bold in our Faith

October 18th, 2023

Ezekiel 3:8-15

God gave this vision to Ezekiel while he was in Babylon with those who were taken as prisoners from Jerusalem. Ezekiel sees the glory of the Lord which does not make sense because the glory of the Lord was supposed to be in the temple! This vision shows that the presence of God had left the temple to be with those exiled in Babylon.

God’s glory left the temple because of Israel’s idolatry, but God did not abandon the people of Israel. Instead, God went into exile with those who were taken to Babylon and gave Ezekiel the prophetic message for the people to repent.

God gave Ezekiel the strength he needed for the hard task ahead and empowered Ezekiel with His presence. God has always been in the business of strengthening and empowering his faithful people.

Ezekiel experienced the Lord going with him first hand: empowering him to be bold in his faith.

Author: Cara Shonamon


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