The Shadows Growls

September 19th, 2023

2 Chronicles 32:9-15

The shadow of invasion had grown darker and more certain. Sennacherib was not impressed by King Hezekiah’s rousing speech, nor was he intimidated by Hezekiah’s confidence in the saving ability of Hezekiah’s God.

The propaganda war began. The sneering tone of Sennacherib’s speech attempted to discredit King Hezekiah’s confidence in God. Then he spoke of his past victories, presenting the illusion of his invincibility.

The reality of the power of God did not silence the arrogance of Sennacherib, an arrogance built upon the history of Sennacherib’s victories as well as the brutality of the Assyrians. No idle threats were made. Total devastation was the goal of the Assyrian military.

The shadows of trouble are real. Today they threaten relationships of home, work, nation, and community of faith.

God is no less capable today than He was during biblical times. Those of the faith must not waver in their resolve to remain faithful. Do not be afraid. God has not abandoned us.

Author: Laura High

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