The Shadows Gather

September 18th, 2023

2 Chronicles 32:1-8

First the rumors of war arrive, followed by the affirmations that the shadows of invasion are approaching the land. It is time to protect that which has been granted by the hand of God. The pre-attack work begins. Risk assessments are made. Resources inventoried and a plan of defense is formulated.

With each pre-invasion activity the tensions grow. The reinforcing of the city walls, blocking the enemies’ access to water, the mounting inventory of the arsenal do not nurture confidence in victory. Those actions reinforce the confidence that invasion is imminent. The courage of the people is the first casualty of war.

King Hezekiah speaks reminding the people there is no room for fear and discouragement among God’s people.

Hezekiah’s words are transformed into a victory chant!

Throughout the millenniums, the people of God have faced incalculable enemies, yet the truth remains; God is always the greater power.

Author: Laura High


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