Whose Example Is Worth Following?

September 11th, 2023

2 Chronicles 28:1-11

King Ahaz was given the reins of kingship and, like many 20-year-olds, started looking around him to figure out what to do. He followed others’ lead in interactions with people, how money and time were spent, and in worship. The results were catastrophic: losing 120,000 troops to a single person. Who knows how many other lives were lost all because they had forsaken the Lord.

It’s understandable to follow the example of those around us. However, when they are doing detestable things (or have attitudes and actions that lead to destruction) that are contrary to the holy life to which God has called us, death will be the result. Sometimes literal death. Other times death of relationships, death of the fruit of the Spirit in our lives, and death of our senses to be tuned into the Holy Spirit.

If King Ahaz would have followed the solid, albeit imperfect, example of King David he and his people would have been in much better shape. May we also find and be worthy examples to follow.

Author: Evan T. Offutt Boesiger


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