God’s Way Really Is Best

September 3rd, 2023

Proverbs 3:1-7

It was a surprising question from someone who only recently started worshiping with us, “Do you and your husband plan to stay at this church?” I responded that we didn’t have plans to move at that time. Yet, as the Lord’s servants we were bound to follow His will and go wherever He wanted us to go. We found that to be a good plan and have never been disappointed by it.

There are always lessons we want to pass on to our children. Some are simple habits that make life better. Such as: “Remember to brush your teeth,” or “Put your laundry in the basket.” Others are more crucial: “God is our Creator and Father,” and “Jesus loves us and is our Savior.” These are eternal wisdom words. We desire our children to hold them in their hearts.

God’s way always brings greater blessings than any gains the “wisdom” of the world may offer. Satan entices us to follow his way to prosperity and happiness. However, we can see that such compromise leads to much regret and unhappiness. Total submission to God requires full submission to His will. That alone will lead us to true peace and joy.

Author: Nora Brush

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