Healing Rain

August 27th, 2023

Proverbs 11:23-31

Ever been at the end of your rope? You have no idea what should happen next, let alone what would rectify your current situation.

Proverbs offers a suggestion that might just be helpful. It reminds us that it’s satisfying to give and that it’s okay to enjoy doing good unto others. Sometimes, the proper solution to our own woes is to be a blessing to someone else.

Of course, attitude is key when considering this prescription. The medicine only works when taken with the proper spirit. If the good deeds are done selfishly, the outcome just won’t be the same. However, if the gesture comes from a heart filled with love for the Father and the recipient, then both parties benefit from the healing rain that results from someone’s generosity.

The next time your emotional cup is depleted and you feel like you have nothing left to give, ask God whom you need to bless. You may find that helping someone else might just be the healing you need.

Author: Andrea Talley

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