Last One Standing

August 24th, 2023

Acts 15:36-41, 2 Timothy 4:8-11

Have you ever been in the middle of a task and realized those who started the job with you were no longer with you? Suddenly, you’re doing the entirety of the project all alone. I think we’ve all been there, especially those of us with children.

I think that’s where the apostle Paul was at when he wrote 2 Timothy to Timothy. Others who had been working with him to spread God’s love had since gone their separate ways. God had blessed Paul and his efforts, and I think it’s safe to say Paul was encouraged by the good that had been done in Jesus’ name. Nonetheless, Paul still found himself working alone; he knew he needed help.

Paul didn’t hesitate to ask Timothy to bring in reinforcements, and neither should you! Ministry is hard work, not to mention messy. You don’t have to have a framed certificate of achievement on your mantle to be a minister of God’s Word. The Bible says we’re all His ambassadors.

What task has God called you to do? Is He calling you to ask someone to minister alongside you to accomplish even greater things for His glory?

Author: Andrea Talley

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