Charity of Spirit

August 19th, 2023

James 4:1-10

History is riddled with wars and strife, greed over land and resources, the desire for power or wealth, the endless race for more, more, more! James applies this to individual believers within the walls of the local church.

When our desire to win outweighs our desire to serve God humbly, we lose. Humility is a characteristic that opens humanity to God. A humble spirit allows us to hear what God has to say.

I remember in my studies of the early church how some believers would fast for days to feed those who were hungry. The same is true of a friend of mine in Uganda. He has taken in 45 orphans and always fasts when there is not enough food for everyone in his care. These believers have had a complete transformation of heart.

Instead of going away from God, we must move toward God. Then the battle within us will subside. Our greed will turn to generosity. Our kind words will flow from this generosity of spirit.

Author: Christie American Horse


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