Teach to God’s Glory

August 12th, 2023

1 Peter 2:11-17

John Wesley as a young scholar at Oxford University invited a few classmates to gather regularly to discuss theology and read the Bible together. They developed a “method” for living each day in as godly a manner as they knew how. These young men cared for the poor and imprisoned, taught ungovernable orphans, and sought to transform society as much as their own hearts.

The one undeniable witness for Christians is the way in which we live. This is the content of the faith, what fills the hearts and minds of every disciple. It is the lesson plan for the good life. It is not hard for unbelievers to find the good news if they can see it lived out every day.

This “method” for living in Christlikeness is most evident in how one submits to the authorities of this world. All are welcome into the kingdom of God. The sinful power structures of this world will crumble before the freedom of God’s people who submit, show respect, and give honor.

Author: Matt Price


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