God Desires One Humanity

July 7th, 2023

Ephesians 2:11-16

According to the Ethnologue publication, there are 7,151 distinct languages spoken around the world. About half of the global population speaks 23 languages. The most spoken languages are English, Mandarin, Hindi, and Spanish. Language differences can become a barrier to getting along with others.

As many may already know from personal and painful experiences, even speaking the same language doesn’t always avoid misunderstandings and serious conflicts. Language brings humanity together but also becomes a “dividing wall of hostility.” Saying the wrong words at the wrong time has ruptured numerous friendships and relationships. The wounds sometimes happen even if the negative impact of the words is not intended, when meaning is lost in translation.

Healing division caused by harsh words begins by understanding the difference. The Word of God made peace possible, giving humanity the meaning of reconciliation through Jesus Christ.

Author: Matt Price

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