Salvation is for All

July 6th, 2023

John 17:20-26

Brothers Michael and Constantine received the best education offered by the Byzantine Empire. The older brother became a skilled administrator while the younger brother became a more prolific learner, later earning the title of philosopher. They eventually took on the names given when they joined their monastic communities: Michael became Methodius and Constantine became Cyril.

In 862, the brothers were sent into the Slavic lands of what is now Eastern Europe. They went to create centers of learning and worship. There was a problem: The Slavs had no written language. Cyril created a formal alphabet that was used to translate the Gospels and Psalms as well as to conduct worship services.

Methodius and Cyril were not the first missionaries to bring good news to the Slavic peoples. The brothers, however, made the gospel more accessible to more people—to be able to hear and read the story of Jesus in their own language. In this work, the brothers were an answer to the prayer of Jesus himself: “I pray for all of those who will believe in me through their message.”

Author: Matt Price

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