Continuous Formation

May 16th, 2023

John 14:25-31

As someone who has been a teacher, I know that in order for my students to learn what I’m trying to teach them, they must engage in the class.

In John 14, Jesus is encouraging His disciples with the good news that the Holy Spirit will be sent to them and will “teach [them] all things . . . ” (v. 26). What did that mean for the disciples then, and what does it mean for us today? I believe it means there is a posture of learning we must embrace, that we may learn what the Spirit has to teach us.

How does this happen? It happens as we listen to the Spirit, respond to the Spirit, ask questions, and participate in the “assignments,” the spiritual disciplines (prayer, scripture, worship, solitude, fasting, and service) presented to us.  

As disciples of Jesus, we are called to life-long learning on our spiritual journeys. As we engage in the Spirit’s work and teaching in our lives, we can trust that we will always discover deeper insights of God and experience continuous formation into the people God has ordained us to be. 

Author: Edie MacPherson


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