Our Identity and Purpose

May 15th, 2023

John 14:15-24

In John 14, we see how Jesus sought to comfort His disciples as He knew they had many questions about what was happening and what would happen when Jesus left them. He’s assuring them that another advocate would come, help them, and be with them forever.

This advocate was the Spirit of God. Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit—the Spirit of truth—would come and be with them. The same Spirit promised in John 11 is the same Spirit that dwells in you and me when we yield our lives to God. As we spend time embracing the spiritual disciplines Jesus taught and modeled for us, we gain a freedom and confidence that comes not from ourselves, but from the Spirit of God within us. 

The disciples’ identity and purpose would come from the work of the Spirit of God in them. The same is true for us: as we allow the Spirit to form us, our true identity and purpose is found. What we become in the Spirit is far deeper and more meaningful than anything we could become on our own.

Take heart in the words of Jesus today. He has given us everything we need in “the Spirit of truth.”

Author: Edie MacPherson

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